Circuit Workout  1

I did this workout with two friends. It was fun,fast, and beginner friendly. 

8 Exercise Circuit 

  • Warm-Up: Circuit performed at 50% of max effort for two sets. Emphasis is on technique and form. Dynamic stretches individually or as group for 3-5 minutes. 
  • Workout: Performed at 75-85% of max effort for 3 sets for time. 
  1. Rope swings x 1 minute 
  2. Flutter Kicks x 50 reps
  3. Thrusters x 25 repetitions 
  4. Russian Twists with Medicine Ball x 50 repetitions.
  5. Body squats on Bosu Half Sphere (Beginners: without ball)  x 25 reps 
  6. Military Plank x 1 minute
  7. Concept 2 Skier x 1 min
  8. Sled Pushes (from bear crawl stance) x 20 yds 
  • Cool Down: Walk 5-10 minutes. Stretch 5-10 minutes. 

Total Workout time was about 50 minutes. You don’t need a whole lot of time to get it done!

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