Half Marathon Jitters

So I’m about to begin training for my second half marathon! I ran my first half in just under two hours back in 2013. I was still in AIT (Army job training) and so I was able to train no problem. I had nothing to distract me. I trained by feel because why not? I would just go the gym after work and run as many miles as I felt like. 

Flash forward to now. I have a wonderful hubby, two little beasts, I mean little angels, and am pretty busy. So, I’m going to be much more organized and disciplined with my training and diet. I’m going to sit down and write out an actual training plan later today! Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. 

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Jitters

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  1. If you ran a sub 2 just going by feel you’ll prob have a lot of success with a plan! My first half I just sort of decided to run on a whim, it went ok but I was in a lot of pain after. Since then a training plan and nutrition has made a world of difference. Good luck!!


      1. I had a lot of knee trouble previously as well. If you are able to find time to strength train it makes a world of difference–a lot of times when we have knee trouble, weak hips and quads are to blame!

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