When Will I learn?

The birds song, the wind in the trees, the cool fresh water, brings me down to my knees.

You are so glorious, and I am so small. Why dont I give in, and give You my all?

When You’ve made so much beauty for me to behold, why cant I give in and just do what I’m told?

I’m never happier than when You show me Your grace, so why cant I seem to fall into my place?

I want to love You with all of my heart, but Im prideful and tired and think I’m too smart.

Logic is king right? Isn’t that true? Even when I know that its nothing without You.

I mean You invented it, and whittled it down, to try and make it easier for us to see You around.

But then “he” takes it, and makes it too good to be true. “he’s” always trying to get between me and You.

I can see “him” better now, much better than before, I will no longer hide when “he” tries to open the door.

My Lord You are so overwhelmingly GREAT, I cant believe You love me and so patiently wait, for my love in return, I know I don’t deserve it, yet I can tell by Your love that You think that Im worth it.

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