So…We’re Moving To Ecuador

So, before I launch in about Ecuador I think its important I give you a little back round info on our family.   My husband and I are both vets and we have two awesome savages, I mean wonderfully amazing little beans.  The long story short is for the last two years or so we’ve been able to swing both of us staying at home.  We have some passive income and the GI Bill so my amazing and smokin’ hubs is getting his Masters right now.  So, coming back to Ecuador, sort of.

Since the hubs and I have been able to stay at home with our kids since our son was born, we’ve gotten pretty used to all the family time.  So, a few months ago, we sat down and started asking questions like ,”What is God calling our family to do?, Where is God calling our family to be?, and Can we afford to stay where we’re at and still have as much family time?”  These questions led us to pray and ultimately led my husband to fast.  After days of fasting and weeks of researching he came to me and said , “Babe, I think God’s calling us to move to Ecuador.”

Im not gonna lie I was pretty floored.  We don’t speak Spanish, not to mention that at that point neither of us had ever been to Ecuador.  We had never traveled abroad together as a couple nor as a family with our kids.  So, basically I thought he was crazy.  After talking it out for a while I got him to agree that it would be pretty foolish of us to move with our kids to a new country site unseen. And we agreed that although our family was called to go to Ecuador, we should go down and scope it out and make connections that would make any future move easier and safer for our family.

I packed all of our things for our two week trip with the kids in one bag ( yes its worth mentioning).  And when the hubby started spring break we were off to Cuenca (with Spanish speaking father-in-law Craig, henceforth called FIL).  The kids were great on the plane.  We had a small day bag that we crammed full with an ipad loaded with disney movies, two stuffed animals, one blanket, 546235456234256 bottles of prescription med bottles (the kids both got ear infections the day before the trip), two sets of old headphones, some cliff bars, and our passports.

The trip wasn’t perfect. We stayed in some great places, and some really awful places.  The kids infections cleared up.  We tried all the food we could. Rented an apartment and tried to live in it as much as possible to give ourselves a glimpse of what it would be like there.  We stayed up late talking to FIL and hearing his crazy life’s stories.  We walked all around the city, talked to 100 cab drivers, understood some, nodded blankly at others, realized we were fine, prayed a lot, cried a little, and said yes to Ecuador.

While we were there I found out I was admitted into the grad program I applied to before we left.  That’ll give us what we need to live there.  Now its just a matter of telling everyone and starting the planning process, which means lists on lists.  Thank you Lord for such a great adventure we get to experience as a family.



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