55 Days Left in the US

So, yesterday we officially left behind the “purging phase” (as I took to calling it), and we have now entered the “purchasing phase”- Infinitely more exciting.

Main things I learned from the purging phase:

  • We have way too much stuff.
  • Im so happy we got rid of/donated/sold easily two thirds of our belongings.
  • Everything we got rid of we didn’t need, so in the future we wont be buying it again.
  • Im judgmental of the things my hubby wants to keep for sentimental reasons but also want to keep my ticket stubs from every Star Wars movie I’ve seen in theaters, so…
  • With less clutter around the house, im less distracted and there are less household chores to do.
  • This has led to more family time, and admittedly more prayer time.
    • I didn’t realize how much I was prioritizing taking care of my stuff over spending time with my family and prayer time until I got rid of most of it.

      Im still freaking out about the move from time to time. We still haven’t learned Spanish. We have secured an apartment. We have bought our tickets. Im trusting God in all this.

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