Im at Capacity

I cant deal with getting the kids ready, myself ready, my brother-in-law a birth certificate and passport, my little brother an I.D.and passport, and now my husband a new I.D.  Im already getting all our documents apostilled in three different states, selling the rest of our possessions (including our car), packing, buying, homeschooling, exercising, praying, volunteering, and starting grad school in 15 days.

Ive hit a total mental wall.  Its like I just cant take in any new information without my brain glitching. I know things will only be harder in Ecuador so if you’re reading this please say a prayer for our family.  I start grad school next month right before our move, so I need my brain up and running.

Lord, please give me your strength in this season. Please give me your peace. Please give me so much patience for my husband that it surprises him.  Please fill me with more of your spirit everyday. And Lord, thank you for your faithfulness. I know you’re right here with us. I feel unqualified for what you’ve asked us to do, but I choose to put my trust in you. Forgive me Lord when my trust and resolve waivers. Give us each day our daily bread. In Jesus name, Amen.

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