Train vs. Tahoe

My grandma has this really old Chevy Tahoe. I remember the day she bought it. I grew up going out to the river with her in it, and using it to tow our boat. I mean, even my first car accident was in that car lol.

We [our family + grandma ] have lived together for about two years now. Thats means we’ve been getting the chance to borrow the Tahoe ,when we need more seats or more space, for awhile now. We’ve had a lot of great family adventures in our short time with the Tahoe.

Yet, as great as the Tahoe is, its a friggin gas guzzler. So, in light of our upcoming move, today the kids and I took the train into downtown and then walked the few remaining miles to where we needed to go. It was a much longer trip, but im glad that we did it. Im not trying to give myself a huge pat on the back. I just thought it would be good to try and both save money because of our moving budget, and get a jump on getting used to public transportation because we wont have a car once we get there.

Ive been pretty spoiled with having a family car my while life so im praying for the patience and wisdom to allow the Holy Spirit to make the adjustments He needs to get me ready to be rock for my family during this move. Fill me with your spirit Lord. Remove anything that would distract me from spending time with you and preparing my heart for this move. Thank you for trains, and sunny days exploring the city with my kids. Forgive me when I take credit for the good works You’re doing in our lives. Yours is the glory forever, Amen.

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