The Lord’s Prayer:In My Own Words

Our Father in Heaven.  You are perfectly Holy and set apart.  I pray that your perfect kingdom, perfect justice, perfect grace would reign down here. Humble my heart to be dependent on you. Forgive me Lord when I try and build up security for myself instead of trusting in You.  Help me to have Your love for my enemies so that out of obedience to You I can forgive anyone who wrongs me, so that Your grace may be seen and Your name glorified. Lord please give me strength and power to choose obedience through every temptation, and please Lord deliver me from evil, deliver me from the taunting voices and feelings of not being loved or not being enough. I am Yours, and that is enough for me.  If You never do another thing for me Lord You’ve already done enough.  Please give me the power to overcome my anxieties so that I might be a useful tool in building your kingdom and helping those far from You come near.   But if this anxiety is what keeps me dependent on You then Lord I praise you for it.  Please help me to be a good example of what it looks like to love You because I know that my children are watching.  Thank you Lord for this life. Yours is the only kingdom I want to be a part of , Your name is the only name I’ll ever praise and worship, and all authority in heaven and earth belongs to You. When I am afraid I will put my trust in You, the only One who redeems. May my life glorify You into eternity. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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